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As a video marketing agency, it’s our mission to get you more customers, through a rock-solid, multi-platform video strategy designed to drive real sales (not just look nice). 

Our creative team will shoot regular video content on site at your business premises (or wherever you need us). And, if that’s not enough, our monthly subscription plans help spread the cost and increase cashflow.

Why Video Content?

Video content is a game changer for B2B marketing! It allows companies to showcase their products and services in a visually engaging way, demonstrate how it works, provide customer testimonials, give a behind-the-scenes look, and even position the company as a thought leader in their field. Not only that, but it also helps to increase brand awareness, generate leads and improves conversions!

Users retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video

Our Business Model

Partners, Not Clients

Unlike a traditional video production agency that offers video content as a product, we offer video content as a service. We have a whole team that works for you as your employees, so you can always be sure that your video production delivers according to your expectations, your tone of voice, not just once but every time.

Having a video production department in a company can bring a multitude of benefits to the organization. Firstly, having a dedicated video production team allows a company to produce high-quality video content in-house, which can help to ensure that the company’s message is communicated effectively and consistently across all video content. This can help to establish the company’s brand and increase brand awareness.

Secondly, having a video production department allows a company to respond quickly to market changes and create timely video content. This can help to keep the company ahead of its competitors and ensure that the company is always providing relevant and up-to-date content to its audience.

Thirdly, having a video production department can also help a company to save money in the long run. Hiring an external video production company can be expensive, but having a dedicated in-house team can help to lower costs and increase efficiency.

Lastly, having a video production department in a company can also improve the company’s overall marketing efforts, as video content can be used in various marketing channels such as website, social media, email marketing, and more.

In summary, having a video production department in a company can help to establish the company’s brand, respond quickly to market changes, save money, and improve the company’s overall marketing efforts.

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Now you can:

Short Documentaries, Social Media

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Don't get left behind.

The most successful businesses out there at the moment are already producing a bank of regular video content and building a more personal relationship with their existing customers and prime prospects. Don't leave it too late. With an easy-to-manage, monthly subscription to FilmBeat, we'll help you take the lead over your competitors.


Choose the best plan for your company.



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All plans include: 
Filming on location, editing, typography, color grading, music and animated logo


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